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An Invitation

Audiences are invited into the conversation, contributing memories, stories and images that can be archived and presented on the Wash! website. They can also be brought into the Wash! project by supporting fundraising for the production of the book through pre-sale subscriptions or by memorializing loved ones through written dedications included within its pages. Proceeds from the sale of these limited-edition volumes help to finance and safeguard the work of the Taller Leñateros collective. Finally, to support women through the Wash! Women, Work and Water Initiative, we recommend contributions to http://www.womenforwomen.org or http://www.water.org. These award-winning organizations support political freedom and economic independence for women and access to water for every citizen of the world.

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Taller Leñateros

The Taller Leñateros has been operating as a papermaking, printmaking, and bookmaking cooperative studio and store for over 25 years. Producing extraordinary books of original art, fiction, and poetry, the Taller is working to keep alive the papermaking traditions of Mayan culture. Natural plant fibers are cooked and rinsed, then blended with recycled paper to produce paper pulp. The pulp is then cast in molds or pressed onto metal sheets and dried in the sun. All proceeds from the Wash! book go to support the Taller Leñateros.

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